Should You Wear Bridal Pearls with Your Wedding Dress?

Pearls can be an excellent way to enhance your wedding dress, but only if they are used correctly. Adding a lot of pearls, especially low quality pearls, can look tacky. You need to use them sparingly if you want them to help you look amazing on your wedding day. Bridal pearls are a subtle way… Read more »

5 Reasons to Get Married on a Golf Course

If you are trying to decide on a scenic location to hold your wedding, you may want to consider a golf course. To some brides and grooms, this may seem like an unlikely spot to tie the knot, but it is becoming an increasingly popular wedding venue. There are plenty of reasons to choose this… Read more »

Incorporate Ribbon Into Your Wedding Décor

Ribbon offers a stylish way to string a hint of color through your wedding without overloading your budget. Here are four ways to incorporate ribbon into your décor for an inexpensive and elegant touch. Bouquets Take care of two issues at once by wrapping the stems of the bouquets in ribbon that matches the color… Read more »