When you’re a wedding DJ, you don’t just pay attention to sound. You also have to generate a stage presence to really capture the audience. With special touches such as lighting effects, you can really command the stage. Whether you are just starting out playing small receptions for friends or you rock large banquet halls, pay attention to your lights in order to create an event everyone will talk about for days afterward. If you’re just starting out, you definitely want to make an impact on the crowd so your reputation will spread and get you more wedding gigs.


Unique Style


As a wedding DJ you have your own special sound and style that becomes your trademark. What sort of atmosphere do you want to create? The places you want to perform and the events you want to spin for will determine what type of lighting to invest in.


Moods of Venues


Before buying lighting for your DJ business, you need to give some thought to the ambiance you’re trying to create in the receptions you’ll play. Do you plan to spin vinyl at the wedding reception hall, or Mp3s? Maybe you want to tailor your music to work for a younger, or older crowd depending on the situation. Where you play and who your audience is will make a big difference in the type of special effects to invest in.


3 Types of Lights


Now that you’ve narrowed it down in terms of style and venue, you can refine your preferences even further. Choose lights from these three categories:


  • Effects Lighting: These aren’t spotlights, but rather they are designed to spark a mood. The following examples can be found online:
  • Strobe Lights: White lights that constantly flash, often to a beat
  • Laser Lights: Narrow beams in a variety of colors
  • Black Lights: Cause white or light-hued objects to glow in the dark


  • Spotlights: These lights focus on one specific person or place in a room, such as a soloist or lead singer.


  • Wash Lights: These set up ambience and turn an area from plain to lit with color.


Hi-Tech Special Lighting


It’s more possible to engage your audience with today’s hi-tech options, such as:


  • LED Panels: LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs can be synced with music to create a danceable, mesmerizing show. Because LEDs are used in rope lights, they work well for setting up borders and illuminating areas of a room.


  • EL Panels: EL stands for electroluminescent. These panels house chemicals that produce light, but not heat. These cool lights are often preferred for concerts with large crowds, because they don’t generate further heat to the mix.


  • Laser Rays With Motors: Motorized lasers bounce beams around on mirrors along with vibration. These are especially effective if you use them with a fog machine.


DJ lighting packages add another dimension to your performances. Visual displays plus high quality tunes from your turntables, mixer, controllers, speakers, and headphones equals one spectacular show. You don’t have to buy everything at once, though. Start slowly and purchase the basics that fit your style, such as wash lights or spotlights, or even some LED ropes. Your talent is what lets you create a great show, but stage effects amps your performance.





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