How Much You Should Spend On Wedding Gifts

The invites are out and you are cordially invited to the wedding. Now the problem, what to get and how much to spend. Knowing the etiquette of wedding gift giving is important so that you don’t spend too much or too little. According to The Knot, you want to be sure that you are staying… Read more »

Top 6 Classic Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have been a must-have in every couple’s wedding celebration. However, guests tend to overlook the importance of wedding favors, and more often than not, some of them tend to throw these gifts away or stash them in the attic or in the dusty corners of the house. As much as you want to… Read more »

How to make perfect baby hamper

Babies are always special and so, are their gifts. When choosing the perfect gift for your little one, it is indeed a difficult job on the part of parents. You must think in a smart way before you choose a gift that will make their life comfortable as well as enjoyable Moreover, these gifts are… Read more »

10 wedding gift ideas for the newly married couple

Source When it comes to buying a present for the newly married couple, it can be difficult to know what they need, what they already have or even what they will like, particularly if they haven’t put together a gift list. Often the young couple are looking for either practical gifts such as crockery or… Read more »

Affluent and Gorgeous Wedding Gifts for Prosperity

Weddings of close companions are a thrilling event indeed, a very interesting event for all. In India, weddings are grand celebrations, however, inexpensive they might be, these tend to excite all age groups, since the festivity brings along, luxurious and tantalizing edibles, new clothing, gifts and shopping for gorgeous exchange presents for relatives and the… Read more »


***Notice: if you are a bridesmaid, I urge you to read no further …you will ruin a fun surprise that will be showing up in your mailbox in a couple months! I mean it, scouts honour. Alright, now that I have put that out there …onto the Cootie Catcher. I think that a mistake that many new brides make is that immediately after getting… Read more »


Spoiler alert: If you are female and in my wedding party, don’t read this. (Also, if you are a female friend of mine who might ever have a birthday or celebrate another occasion, you might not want to read this either.) Ahem, now then. I’ve just settled on my bridesmaids’ gifts, and everyone’s getting the cutest little confections… Read more »