Hire a function room to make your event a big success

Organizing a big or small event requires investing good money on your part and it is indeed a costly endeavour. Function rooms are undoubtedly a great place to host various kinds of events. Hotels, pubs, bars, galleries, reception centre’s, conference centre’s and exhibition center’s have function rooms where events are held on different occasions. Before… Read more »

A Wedding DJs Guide to Stage Effects

When you’re a wedding DJ, you don’t just pay attention to sound. You also have to generate a stage presence to really capture the audience. With special touches such as lighting effects, you can really command the stage. Whether you are just starting out playing small receptions for friends or you rock large banquet halls,… Read more »

Wedding Dresses – From Past To Present

Wedding outfits are rich in custom. And although history lessons are generally tedious, we think it’s much better if you recognize where marriage outfits came from, and how their role has designed eventually. Now, you wont be amazed to hear that white-colored is definitely the conventional color of wedding outfits, going right returning to olden… Read more »

Have an english garden wedding

A beautiful English garden can be the ideal calm and tranquil setting for a wedding, particularly if you have a flair for vintage inspired themes. There are so many country manor houses in the UK that make stunning wedding venues, that you really are spoilt for choice, no matter whether you are up in the… Read more »

How to plan the perfect hen night in Liverpool

Your hen night needs to be perfect; it’s the final night you have to celebrate your life prior to being tied down as a married woman. The traditional hen night involves a large group of excitable friends and family, copious amounts of booze, and plenty of fun activities you’ve maybe never tried before. However, you’ve… Read more »


***Notice: if you are a bridesmaid, I urge you to read no further …you will ruin a fun surprise that will be showing up in your mailbox in a couple months! I mean it, scouts honour. Alright, now that I have put that out there …onto the Cootie Catcher. I think that a mistake that many new brides make is that immediately after getting… Read more »


A wedding can be a daunting undertaking. After the excitement of an engagement settles, there are more details, “to-do” lists and headaches than one can possibly imagine. However, if nothing else, remember these six little words: “It’s supposed to be about you.” It’s so easy to get lost in the mayhem: to please your parents, your husband’s… Read more »