Many girls take inspiration from the Disney Cinderella love story when it comes to their wedding; the beautiful sparkling white gown, the prince charming, the beautiful carriage, and now you can even have some Cinderella inspired glass slippers for your big day. Don’t worry, it’s not quite as uncomfortable as it sounds, these designers have create some beautiful but practical Cinderella shoes – but do bear in mind most of these shoes are concepts or rare designer exclusives. Maybe it’s best to just take a little inspiration from these designs!
If I could only walk in these for a day -Exclusive Loubuiton Cinderella Shoe - .


Legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin created these beautiful shoes in honor of Disney’s Cinderella. They’re not quite glass slippers, but the translucent lace combined with heaps of crystals brings glass slippers into the 21st century. If you’re feeling brave, why not add a little sparkle to you wedding shoes with some gem tack and a few flat-back crystals?

You might have to be a bit crafty, unless you’re earning megabucks, otherwise affording these might require you to be marrying a prince!
Cinderella shoes


If lady Gaga met Cinderella, we’re sure these would be the resulting glass slippers. We’re not sure anyone could successfully walk down the aisle in these heel-less platform boots without plummeting to the ground in a violent manner, but we do love how sparkling these glass shoes are; they’re covered in sparkling crystals of all shapes and sizes.

However, good luck to Cinderella if she plans to run away at midnight in these! 500×372 pixels


If Cinderella needed a bit of armor to protect herself from her ugly sisters and her evil stepmother, then she should have worn these glass slippers; they’re a mix of glass and metal, making for some hefty footwear. They are also not so great for running in, and not at all practical for getting married incinderella shoes | Tumblr


If you see yourself as a much more practical princess, then maybe you’d prefer to opt for some Cinderella inspired ballet flats. Transparent shoes are on trend this season, so you could wear these extremely versatile flats anywhere. Sparkling crystals work extremely well with transparent materials; they not only look modern, but thy also look extremely glamorous. Pair them with our favorite little black dress, or your wedding dress, or even your jeans.
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Finally, if you’re more of a punk-rock Cinderella, you might prefer these blinged-out boots, with a glass slipper inspired Perspex heel. Once again transparent materials have been teamed with some extremely glimmering gems, and it’s all set off by some pretty pastel tones. We’re sure the modern Cinderella would approve of these! Boots are a great way to add a little edge to your wedding look; especially when teamed with a knee-length dress with a pretty full skirt, the contrast is perfect!

Remember that Cinderella shoes can come in any style, so it’s possible to find the perfect match for you without the help of a fairy god mother!

This guest post was contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of Elegant Steps, specialists in ensuring that you find the perfect shoes for the perfect day.


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