***Notice: if you are a bridesmaid, I urge you to read no further …you will ruin a fun surprise that will be showing up in your mailbox in a couple months! I mean it, scouts honour.

Alright, now that I have put that out there …onto the Cootie Catcher. I think that a mistake that many new brides make is that immediately after getting engaged, they are so excited that they run out and ask their ‘very important people’ to be a part of their special day.  While I can definitely appreciate the sentiment and I am certain that the girls do as well, I thought it would be a cute (and fun for me) idea to actually ‘invite’ my girls to be bridesmaids.


So I made them Cootie Catchers, that end with the question.

Here’s How I Made Mine:

On the outside I put little pictures that symbolize the wedding.  The purple ring that is my engagement ring, the pink wedding dress that will be mine, a black dot to symbolize polka dots and a picture of the style of dress that each girl will be wearing.

On the inside flaps I used important numbers for the big day — the month, year and day of the ceremony & reception (since mine will be happening on different days.)

The next flaps had questions (that ended with number answers) that are specific to each BM. For instance — how many years have we lived together, or how many times have we been to Mexico together?

Then on the very inside flap the simple question: “Will you be my Bridesmaid?”

Here’s How to Make Yours:

Step 1: Start with a square piece of paper and fold the one corner over to meet the other to make a triangle. (If you have a rectangular piece, this is where you would cut off the excess paper.)

Step 2: Open it up and then fold the other corners to meet one another. Open again.

Step 3: Take each of the 4 corners and fold them into the middle.

Step 4: Turn over and do the same to the other side.

Step 5: Fold in half both ways.

Step 6: Put your fingers in and use!

Once you have figured out how to make it, now you can dress  it up any way you like:)

Written by prolog

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