A wedding is supposed to be one of the most remarkable moments of a bride’s life. However, intricate details such as cake selection, seating arrangements and a thousand otherwise seemingly trivial decisions can turn any bride into a Bridezilla. The growing cost of today’s weddings piles a gargantuan level of additional stress onto even the most organized individual. In the end, your dream wedding can turn into your worst nightmare.


A few of the tactics for coping with wedding blues include:


Don’t sweat the small stuff because no one will remember it anyway. 


Even though every single small detail from the bridesmaids shoes to the colors used in the flower arrangements are of extreme importance to you, the guest are not going to remember them. Many brides get extremely wrapped up in these minute details and it can cause them so much stress and agony. Think about other wedding that you attended and the things that stood out to you and I am sure the kind of wine that was served or the color scheme of the centerpieces was not at the tip of your memory.


There are a few things that most people remember about a wedding for months after and at the top of that list is the food. So make sure that you are adhering to all guests by providing options for any allergies that guests have made you aware of and make sure the food tastes good. Upon selecting the food many couples go through a taste testing, so make sure the food quality is good since that is the highlight of most guests evening.

Set a budget and a small percentage for an emergency fund and adhere to it. 

Budgeting is of the utmost importance when planning a wedding since things can quickly escalate in price when the stress level increases. Be sure that you are constantly using your negotiation skill to get the best possible deal. The wedding industry did not become profitable by giving great deals, savvy brides know to always do their research to ensure they are not over paying.

Some ways to cut costs are to seek out discounts whenever possible and the internet is full of them. For example, tungsten wedding bands for men are considerably less expensive than gold bands and are very well liked by men because their durability and masculine appeal. They also have a coupon code: vm35 which gives you an additional $35 off the price.


With online resources that provide 100’s of free templates, making your save the dates, invites, and thank you’s is a great way to save some money. The templates are not intimidating and you really don’t have to be Photoshop expert to make them look awesome so take advantage of this low cost option.


Before you lose control and become frustrated, keep it in perspective. 

Even though it has been beaten into your head that this is the biggest day of your life, chances are its not. Remember, it is only ONE day and there is no reason to lose all your hair over it. It will be great no matter what as long as you are surrounded by those you care about amd have fun. So next time you are pressuring your fiancé to pick between two different shades of blue for the printed napkins, try to keep calm when he says, they both look the same. After all, this is not what your guests will remember.

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