Tips to get rid of mosquitos

If you love attending weddings, then you probably know that there is nothing that beats an outdoor wedding. While indoor weddings are lovely, an outdoor setting provides unique aspects. With an outdoor event, you get to enjoy the raw beauty of nature together with the warmth of the sun rays penetrating the skin and the light shining on the beautiful smiles of the wedding guests. But the beautiful outdoor setting is not only inviting to the human eye but also to the mosquito, the deadliest creature in the universe.

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However, the risk of these unwanted guests shouldn’t compromise your dream of having a perfect outdoor wedding. Fortunately, there is a proliferation of tools and techniques for mosquito control for weddings that can help in keeping these insects at bay during your big day.


Installing mosquito barriers


Mosquito barriers can be used to protect you and your wedding guests from mosquito bites. Professional pest control service can spray the wedding venue with organic mosquito repellents to make sure that the unwanted guests don’t cause a scene on your special day. Professional pest control technicians will pay attention to areas where your guests will be seated such as tables, tents, or even where photos are taken. All the areas where mosquito lives, and hide such as under tables and chairs, trees, grass, shrubs, and other plants should be sprayed thoroughly.


Apply mosquito repellent


Mosquito repellent should be a staple for any wedding planner, especially when the main event is held outdoors. When choosing mosquito repellents, always make sure that you choose those that don’t leave shiny spots on your skin. Otherwise, you will end up with bridal photos with noticeable shiny spots. A smooth and dry mosquito repellent formula leaves your skin looking perfectly untouched, and the best part is that they help in keeping mosquito bites away.


Provide your guests with mosquito repellent and sprays


When arranging your outdoor wedding, you can conveniently leave a few bottles of mosquito sprays and repellents in baskets and washrooms or other areas where your wedding guests are enjoying themselves. While doing this, also be mindful of providing both organic and DEET repellent options to suit the needs of different guests.


Choosing mosquito repellent flowers


There is no secret that flowers are part of most of the traditional weddings. When picking flowers for your big day, why not be clever not only to choose flowers that will add allure to your venue but also repel mosquitoes. For instance, certain flowers such as marigolds, floss flower, and bee balm are known to have mosquito –repellant properties.


Choosing appropriate brides to wear


Unlike other insects, mosquitoes have a strong preference for dark colors, especially black and blue. Therefore, you can spare your bridal team by choosing bright colors such as white or cream that doesn’t attract mosquitoes.

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