Every girl dreams of having a gorgeous and magnificent wedding. Unfortunately, such wedding can cost a fortune. In fact, according to the latest survey by WeddingChannel.com, the average wedding now costs closer to $30,000.

Can you still have an elegant wedding for less? Yes you can. Here are some frugal wedding ideas to help you get your dream wedding without going into debt.

Fewer guests, fewer expenses

It can be very tempting to invite hundreds of people to your wedding ceremony. However, for every person you invite, not only are you upping wedding costs, you’re also adding people of lesser importance to your wedding. Without knowing it, you might end up inviting people out of obligation.

Think carefully about your list. Instead of adding more and more guests, consider having fewer people. Stick to close friends and family. Fewer guests mean lesser wedding cost and a more intimate celebration.

Use your cousins’ talents

One way to avoid high wedding costs is to use your family and friends’ talents. Instead of asking for a wedding present, ask for their help. For instance, if you have a cousin who has musical talent, ask him to provide musical accompaniment for your wedding ceremony. If you’re brother makes a great host, ask him to be the master of ceremonies. If you have a close friend who’s also a skilled photographer, then ask him to serve as the photographer as a wedding gift. Aside from saving hundreds of dollars, you get to showcase your friends’ talents, making your wedding a personal and memorable one.

Shop at non-bridal stores

Items in wedding shops are normally 20-30 percent more than the same item in a regular store. Before shopping, try and see if you can find a non-wedding equivalent. One tip is never to say the “W” word while still negotiating with vendors. They might double the price if they do. The safest way is to get the prices into writing and once you’ve booked them, that’s the time you can mention weddings.

Borrow wedding-related items

If you have newlywed pals, don’t be afraid to loan wedding items from them. This can help you save hundreds of dollars. They’d know firsthand how expensive weddings could be and would probably happy to help you out. Some of the things to borrow include leftover decors and accessories that can serve as your “something borrowed.” You can also consider borrowing things for pre-wedding events such as cooking appliances, a sound system, and holiday lights.

Haggle, haggle

If you can’t loan wedding items from friends, then it’s time to haggle with wedding vendors. Most brides hate negotiating prices with their florist, caterer, or photographer. Although it may sound crass to haggle, most wedding suppliers are surprisingly open to negotiation. If you don’t make a move, you might not get what you really want at the best possible price.

Some suppliers say they’re not allowed to give discounts. One way to get through them is to chuck something in and not paying for these add-ons, whether it’s lighting, chair covers, or champagne.

Consider destination weddings

Spending a luxe wedding weekend at a dramatic location is often cheaper than a seated dinner at a nice location. This is one of the reasons why destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. Many resorts offer all-inclusive wedding packages that throw in the cost of the wedding ceremony, wedding cake, wedding meal, and even an on-site wedding consultant. You also get to pay everything upfront, preventing any chance of paying miscellaneous fees. If you go to a foreign country with a good exchange rate, you’ll get to save even more.


You can have a fabulous wedding even on a budget. Remember, it’s not how much you spend for your wedding, it’s how you spend it! Have a great wedding day!

Written by Melissa Page

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