Planning the perfect wedding can be a daunting experience, especially if you want your wedding to be as magical as can be. But along with some important aspects such as the caterer, the venue, the number of guests, and the wedding entourage, you also have to think about the photographer – someone who can document your special day in the most professional way possible and create the best pictures and images which are an ideal portfolio of your most important day. But the question is, what should you really look for in a wedding photographer? How do you choose the best one? Here are some top aspects you should remember when looking at photographers’ portfolios.


  • The lighting

Any photographer will readily tell you that the light plays a crucial role in how a photo turns out. Every photographer has a different way of playing with light; some like to have bright and bold photos with a light and airy quality, whilst others use the light to set an emotion and create a mood. When you look through a photographer’s portfolio, pay particular attention to the quality of the light in each picture. There are different styles for each photographer, so there should be a style which you can most associate with. Look at the photographer’s skill and how they can maximise light and make proper use of it in different settings (night time, broad daylight, etc.).

  • The tools

An experienced Nottingham wedding photographer such as Lewis Romane would also say that the tools the photographer uses make a difference. It’s not just about them using the ‘best’ and most advanced camera on the market – it’s about tools such as film (some photographers prefer film for its texture and warmth), highly-advanced lenses, and even vintage cameras for cool black and white photos.

  • The composition

The composition matters as well if you want some great photographs of your wedding day. The composition has to do with how the photos are set up. What is the mood conveyed by the photographer? Do they take photos from different perspectives? The composition is akin to storytelling – how the photographer tells your story.

  • Other important aspects

When it comes down to it, no matter how professional or experienced the photographer is, you should be thinking of how you think they can portray your story – how they can bring it to life with unique photographs. If the photographer’s style matches your own idea of your ideal wedding, then they’re well worth considering. It also matters how the photos make you feel – happy, romantic, nostalgic? Do you think you can work well with the photographer? Those are the aspects that make a world of difference.





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