Ribbon offers a stylish way to string a hint of color through your wedding without overloading your budget. Here are four ways to incorporate ribbon into your décor for an inexpensive and elegant touch.



Take care of two issues at once by wrapping the stems of the bouquets in ribbon that matches the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Not only will you be keeping the bouquets intact, but you will also be creating a smoother grip for comfort throughout the ceremony. If you or the bridesmaids are holding a lone flower, dress it up with a single ribbon around the stem right above the grip area. For full bouquets, you can add a bit of glitz by looping ribbon in through the top and lacing it with small jewels, beads or accents.

Flower Girl Accessories

Ribbons can be used in a multitude of ways when it comes to your flower girl. If she is wearing a traditional white dress, you can add a ribbon around the waist as a sash that matches the wedding party’s attire. Colorful ribbons can also be added to barrettes and as bows atop shoes. The basket of flowers can be adorned with a ribbon woven in through the rim or along the handle.

Ring Bearer Pillow

To ensure the sweet little ring bearer doesn’t drop the rings as he races down the aisle, stitch a few ribbons to the top of a satin pillow. The rings can be securely tied to these ribbons for everyone’s peace of mind. Additional ribbon can be sewn around the seam of the pillow for a fun touch.

Table Décor

Add a pop of color to the centerpieces by wrapping an accent ribbon around a vase of flowers or candle holders. For a subtle addition of color, use a piece of grosgrain ribbon to tie napkins into place at place settings. If you have place cards, you can brighten them up by trimming them with hints of ribbon, helping them stand out against the table cloth.

Favor Boxes

Place your wedding favors in small boxes and secure them with colorful ribbon, tied neatly on top with a bow. Choose colors that match or complement the colors worn by the wedding party or the cake if the favors are placed nearby.

Ribbon can be a quick and easy way to add a splash of color or a hint of elegance to your wedding. You can use it in a variety of ways to fit both your taste and your budget.

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