How Much You Should Spend On Wedding Gifts

The invites are out and you are cordially invited to the wedding. Now the problem, what to get and how much to spend. Knowing the etiquette of wedding gift giving is important so that you don’t spend too much or too little. According to The Knot, you want to be sure that you are staying… Read more »


Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable

You will remember your wedding reception for the rest of your life. Because it is such an important occasion, you need to take the time to come up with some memorable ideas to make your reception special. Don’t just do the same old thing that everyone does. Make your wedding reception stand out with these… Read more »


Top 6 Classic Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have been a must-have in every couple’s wedding celebration. However, guests tend to overlook the importance of wedding favors, and more often than not, some of them tend to throw these gifts away or stash them in the attic or in the dusty corners of the house. As much as you want to… Read more »


The Prettiest Of Wedding Planning: Get Stationery Checked Off Your List

Planning your dream wedding can be exciting and fun, but it can also be stressful, and there is always more to do than you think there is! Even if you are planning a simple wedding, there are lots of key ingredients to remember that add to a seamless flow throughout the day. It can be… Read more »


Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers are excellent at their craft, and they have plenty of experience in capturing the beauty of the event. The way that they achieve their experience is over time. They may be taking photographs of friends and family members events that have given them the opportunities to acquire the necessary skills in order to… Read more »


Unforgettable wedding venues in Israel – Remember your D-Day throughout your life

It seems that love is in the air and the season of those unforgettable weddings is around the corner. While you might be planning all those nitty-gritty details about your wedding, did you think about the venue where you will get married? Nowadays, the idea of booking a hotel in the same place where you… Read more »


Beads bracelets are the perfect gift to show your love for the near and dear ones

When it is about buying beads jewelry, they are a wonderful present that can be given to your near and dear ones. These jewelries are a kind of luxurious gift that can be personalized in your own way according to the lifestyle of the person who will wear them. They are believed to be the… Read more »


Perfect wedding ring for the special day – Wear it in your finger all your life

Wedding ring is always special for everyone. It requires time to choose the perfect ring for your wedding since you will be carrying it in your finger for your entire life. Do you know that wedding ring actually denote three things? Well, these are your commitment, personality and fashion style. As such, it is advisable… Read more »


Hire a function room to make your event a big success

Organizing a big or small event requires investing good money on your part and it is indeed a costly endeavour. Function rooms are undoubtedly a great place to host various kinds of events. Hotels, pubs, bars, galleries, reception centre’s, conference centre’s and exhibition center’s have function rooms where events are held on different occasions. Before… Read more »


Women clothing – How they are concerned about their looks and appearance?

Women wishes to purchase the latest and trendy collection of clothes that has just arrived in the market. It is nothing uncommon that women have a fascination towards new and attractive clothes, jewelries, shoes, bags and much more. Sometimes, getting a good deal is a part of your daily habit. Often you will get the… Read more »

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    Oh my gosh, you guys! [Breathless, panting.] We have done it. We’ve gone and booked our honeymoon after so much research and deliberation. We’re going to French Polynesia. This decision comes after looking at pictures of overwater bungalows in places like Bora Bora, then looking at lots of pictures of other places all over the world,… Read more »

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    ***Notice: if you are a bridesmaid, I urge you to read no further …you will ruin a fun surprise that will be showing up in your mailbox in a couple months! I mean it, scouts honour. Alright, now that I have put that out there …onto the Cootie Catcher. I think that a mistake that many new brides make is that immediately after getting… Read more »

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    Spoiler alert: If you are female and in my wedding party, don’t read this. (Also, if you are a female friend of mine who might ever have a birthday or celebrate another occasion, you might not want to read this either.) Ahem, now then. I’ve just settled on my bridesmaids’ gifts, and everyone’s getting the cutest little confections… Read more »

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    Top tips to help you save for your wedding day

    Although the day of your wedding can be considered one of the most special ones in your entire lifetime, it is safe to deem this day to be the one that will also call for you to pay through your nose to ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and all the glitches are effectively… Read more »

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    A wedding can be a daunting undertaking. After the excitement of an engagement settles, there are more details, “to-do” lists and headaches than one can possibly imagine. However, if nothing else, remember these six little words: “It’s supposed to be about you.” It’s so easy to get lost in the mayhem: to please your parents, your husband’s… Read more »

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    Here’s a million-dollar business idea: Start a company that makes cute wedding shoes. This is not revolutionary. I realize there a gabillion shoes in the world, because I own half of them and have browsed the other half in the last month. But there is some downright ugly and otherwise wrong stuff out there in the wedding shoe realm. Can… Read more »