Upon hearing the term “destination wedding,” most think of warm tropical breezes, white sand between their toes, and toasting with exotic drinks. But that is not everyone’s dream wedding scenario. Destination weddings can be anywhere that’s not home, really. This could mean a vineyard wedding in Tuscany, a castle wedding in Germany, or even a small ceremony in a forgotten temple in Southeast Asia.



One very special type of destination wedding is one held in an ethereal, snowy background, complete with warm blankets, comfort food, and vibrant flowers: a winter wedding.


These types of wedding are even more special as they aren’t possible just anywhere. There is a limited number of destinations that can promise you that perfect winter scene, complete with white snow and long nights.


So how to start planning this most memorable event?


  1. Choose the Right Destination

While certain places remain cold all the way through the winter, not every destination will be truly that winter wonderland you are looking for. As ideas come to mind, cross check with general weather patterns to see whether it’s a feasible option (remembering that there could always be a strange phenomenon). Identify other factors you would like to see, such as whether you’d like to be married in a city, perhaps in an alpine chalet, while others look for a place on a frozen lake.


  1. Research the Possible Venues

Choose the right place for a wedding reception in Montreal or any other place by researching the possibilities available to you. From hotels, restaurants, landmarks and more, not all will market themselves as special event locations, though some will still allow for them. If you are having a hard time, consider contacting a wedding planner or other wedding specialist in the area who would have better insight into the options available to you.


  1. Highlight the Beauty

If you are going for a winter wonderland, own it! Plan all your décor, your menu, your outfits and all the little details to highlight the beauty of this incredible backdrop nature has given you. From cozy rugs at your venue, to serving hot apple crumble as dessert, you create a dreamy experience that both you and your guests will remember forever.


  1. Enlist Some Help

Since tropical destination weddings are so popular, many resorts have already created easy “packages” to choose from, meaning that the entire experience is very easy for the bride and groom to go through. More temperate or winter destinations don’t have quite the same popularity, and therefore you might have to spend some more time looking for the right people to help you bring your vision to life. Research local decorators, cake decorators, musicians, officiants and whoever else needs to be involved, possibly travelling to your wedding destination to coordinate it all. If this seems too costly or complicated, a qualified wedding planner with a good portfolio and references could be your saviour, and he or she can bring all these details together on the ground.


  1. Make it An Entire Experience

What people love about destination weddings is that they get to not only participate in a love-filled event, they also have a chance to travel and experience a new place. Beach wedding was always self-explanatory as the wedding party and guests enjoyed the resort for a few days or a week, but winter getaways might need a bit more “marketing”. Present some local attractions which people can enjoy during their vacation, be it a Scandinavian spa, ski hills, snowshoeing trails, dog sledding, or the cultural attractions of the city, like galleries, museums, or shopping. Create a sample itinerary which could interest your guests, getting them excited about your big day as well as what goes on before and after.


Destination weddings don’t always have to be in sunny, tropical destinations. You could have the most incredible, magazine-worth wedding in a winter wonderland far, far, away. All you need to do is create a vision and get started on our list of pointers and you are well on your way.


Written by ashley

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