Spoiler alert: If you are female and in my wedding party, don’t read this. (Also, if you are a female friend of mine who might ever have a birthday or celebrate another occasion, you might not want to read this either.)

Ahem, now then. I’ve just settled on my bridesmaids’ gifts, and everyone’s getting the cutest little confections from Agapantha, where owner Dani Paquin designs and creates all sorts of jewelry pieces using semi-precious stones and a variety of metals. (She makes pieces from found vintage objects, too.)


One of Dani’s specialties over at Agapantha — and something she loves to do — is wedding jewelry, and the results of those efforts are super personal and tailored to your maids. She asks you as the bride to first look around on her Web site and give her an idea of the pieces that strike you. From there, you pass her a list and a little description of each of your girls (like their personal style, hair color, preferences), and she gets to work. Agapantha can even match swatches and send stone samples and photos for your review (or in this case, for my review — I’m loving the coral, carnelian, and citrine to match my summery wedding palette).

There are baubles for the bride, too. Among the handful of new pieces now on offer: the Julie wedding bangle bracelet in moonstone with one little wrapped iolite stone (“a very pretty, very subtle something blue,” as Dani calls it), and the Ronit dangly earrings with marquis-shaped white topaz.


Do you see a pattern? All the pieces are named after beloved women in Dani’s life, which is really cute, and works well with my obsession that all things be extra personalized. All the way back to those days when I insisted everything I owned had my name all over it, including my jewelry, and I would like it to be known that was before Carrie made those big nameplate hoop earrings so popular. But who’s counting.

And speaking of counting, our wedding is in exactly 100 days from today. That hardly seems possible. I kind of wish time would just slow down so that this very special, in-between phase — so filled with congratulations at every turn, fully justifiable reasons to splurge, pretty things, and excitement — won’t ever have to end.

But alas, after it does, we go to Bora Bora, so that works too.

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