Once you have become engaged and have set the date, the first thing you will almost always try to do is set a budget based on how much money you ‘think’ you will have and home much money you ‘believe’ things will cost. This is a huge mistake because what you think and what the reality is are two very different things.


Before setting a budget to work with, it is always suggested that you do a little bit of investigative groundwork so that you know what things cost in your area. For example, a venue may cost £7,000 in Kent but in London the very same type of venue may cost double that and even more. Here are a few things you need to do before putting any figures down on paper.

Start with the Venue

The most expensive part of your wedding, without a doubt, is going to be the venue. Before you even begin thinking about bridal attire, your honeymoon and all those not-so-little extras like the hen and stag parties, make sure you talk to venues you have in mind. Get prices from all of them, including menus. Is it going to be a civil ceremony at the venue? If so, that will cost extra, remember that! Use a site such as UK Wedding Savings to shop for venues that are in your area and perhaps offer discounts for online bookings. Make sure to compare prices between a few of your favourites and don’t forget to ask if there are seasonal variations in pricing.

Prioritise Your Wants

There are some things that you need to have and others are just wants. For example, if you are getting married you need to have a place to hold the ceremony. Whether it is at a local park, at the beach at sunrise or in a cathedral, you need to be in a physical location to get married. You need wedding attire, even if it is untraditional. You need rings to exchange and a bridal party. At least you need the required witnesses. However, you don’t need a fancy venue for the post wedding celebration and you don’t need an extravagant honeymoon. What you need and what you want need to be separated. After accounting for the needs you can begin prioritising your wants.

Talk to Experts

When comparing prices between venues, caterers, wedding attire shops and florists, for example, make sure to get advice from experts. Perhaps you need a wedding planner that is up on all the current industry pricing and will know ways in which you can save money if that is a problem. Any business man or woman you deal with will want your business so they will help you find options that you can afford. It is better for them to help you find solutions you can afford than to lose your business altogether. You can also follow advice from wedding experts online!

Now you can think about how much your wedding will cost and begin setting a budget. How long will it take you to get that money together? Can you make payment arrangements when booking your venue, caterer and perhaps even ordering your bridal attire? If you can place a down payment and pay monthly over a period of time, this is one way to help with that budget.

With a well thought out budget, you can prepare for a stress free and exciting first day of the rest of your lives together, your wedding day.

Written by ashley

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