Pearls can be an excellent way to enhance your wedding dress, but only if they are used correctly. Adding a lot of pearls, especially low quality pearls, can look tacky. You need to use them sparingly if you want them to help you look amazing on your wedding day.
Bridal pearls are a subtle way to add sophistication to your outfit. While most brides will be tempted to add rhinestone or diamond jewelry to their attire, remember that these can take away from your dress and wedding ring. Your dress should remain the star of your outfit, with the wedding ring being the finishing touch. Find subtle pearls that enhance your dress and help you flaunt your favorite features.
Be mindful of your gown when choosing which pearls and how many to use. Colored pearls usually have no place on a wedding dress; however, you may want to try subtle pinks if it matches your wedding colors. Avoid low-hanging jewelry and try to stick with a look that is subtle and elegant. Remember that even white pearls can have some natural hints of pink or blue when deciding whether or not you should wear them.
Quality is also important when it comes to picking jewelry for your wedding day. Your jewelry will be a keepsake for you to have forever, possibly handing it down to your children. Invest in real pearls, rather than searching for cheap imitations. Not only will you look better, but you can rest assured knowing that your jewelry will last a lifetime.
Learn everything there is to know about pearls before you buy. This can help you to appreciate the natural beauty of each pearl more. You will also be able to select something that better suits your personality, rather than relying on a sales clerk to make the decision for you. Every pearl is unique, just like your wedding dress and theme.
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