Planning your dream wedding can be exciting and fun, but it can also be stressful, and there is always more to do than you think there is! Even if you are planning a simple wedding, there are lots of key ingredients to remember that add to a seamless flow throughout the day. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the different choices out there when it comes to everything from dresses to flowers and music to catering. On top of that, you’ll need to make a tight edit of your guest list, work out a seating plan, pick your bridesmaids, sort out hair and makeup, and get all the invitations and wedding day stationery designed and printed. And that’s just a few of things on every bride-to-be list! Today we’re going to take a look at wedding stationery. But before going more in depth, my first piece of advice about organizing your wedding is to share the load. Let the groom and your Mom and Dad also help out with some of the things on your list. Otherwise, you are going to start getting emotionally drained before the big day even arrives!

Save The Date Cards

Save the date cards are important and should be sent out about six months before the wedding. If you are having a destination wedding or have guests traveling from abroad, I would suggest sending them out eight months before the big day. This enables guests to take time off work, get in babysitters, book hotels, and flights and start saving too if the wedding is abroad. Save the date cards don’t have to be in the style of your chosen wedding theme. When you send them out, you may not even have chosen your theme yet. But they should make an impact and say something about you as a couple. They could be fun and funky, bright and cheerful, lace and diamonds or chic monochrome. It’s completely up to you. Some people go kooky and send things such as pencils with the words ‘Pencil this date in’ printed on them. Design something eye catching to set the tone of your impending nuptials!

Order Of Service Cards

No matter what venue you have chosen for your ceremony, you should always take care to design order of service cards. You order of service cards should look swish, stylish and make an impact. If you are in a church, you may want to go down a more traditional route. But for all other venues, really push the boat out and go for sheer sophistication or beautiful rustic charm. Lots of guests use the order of service card as a keepsake of the wedding. Order of service printing should be ordered at least four weeks before the ceremony. Create a booklet if you are having a church wedding, but maybe go for a single card if you are having a non-church ceremony. For a church order of service, you will want to include details that walk your guests through the ceremony. This will include everything from the entrance of the bride to the hymns. And also the readings and blessings to the marriage and signing of the register. You may also want to add in the hymn names and numbers if you are having them. A single card order of service could include a simple set of headings. These will let guests know the order of the day and if you want you could also include thanks to the bride and groom’s parents.

Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invite style will totally be dependent on the theme of your wedding and the type of couple you are. Some are traditional, others are really fun. Some couples have a printed booklet others go DIY. A black tie wedding invite would look totally different from a summer garden wedding invite. So really think about how to tie your theme into your stationery cards. This gives guest’s a head start on ideas on what to wear on your big day too. You may want boho chic invites or perhaps laser cut ones. You could go for a floral and lace or maybe a stylish watercolor design. Do a lot of research before choosing the style and design of your wedding invitations. What to include in your wedding invitation? The date and times ad location of the ceremony to start with. Also, include a reception card if your party is at a different venue. Include addresses and directions for each place. Let guests know in the invitation if there is a plus one option. State whether children are invited or not. If there is a dress code, highlight this on your invite. And for out of town guests, either list some accommodation details or include the link to your wedding website.

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