wedding partyWedding is one of the most auspicious occasions in one’s life. The whole concept of wedding revolves around two persons who have expressed their desire to settle down. And these two individuals wish to share this special day with all their loved ones, family and friends to make it more memorable and fulfilling. So that when you look back to this day you have a smile on your face. But planning a wedding is a stressful affair. You have to take into account many factors and have to make sure that starting from the venue to the food, the ambience, the décor – everything is just perfect. You also need to make a list of the people that you want to invite so that you don’t miss out anyone. Moreover you also need to make sure that the invitation has reached everyone and who all will be coming. There are so many things to do, so many factors to consider that things could go awry any point of time. Fortunately there are certain tips which if followed will help you keep the affair as hassle free as possible. The top five tips or tricks, whatever you call them are mentioned below.

  • Opt for a wedding planner: many of us still consider hiring a wedding planner an unnecessary step. But trust me they do more good than one can think of. Instead of you worrying about all the nitty gritties, the wedding planner will be looking after them on your behalf. The last thing that you want to do on your wedding day is worry about whether everything is on place or not. They will not plan everything ahead of its time but will also make sure that the whole affair runs smoothly.


  • Compile the guest list on the basis of your current connections: Instead of inviting anyone and everyone, compile the guest list on the basis of those people who are still a part of your current life. There is no point in inviting a friend who studied with you at kindergarten until and unless you are still in touch with them. It is good to invite everyone you know but neither is it feasible nor very cost efficient. Compile the list and invite those people who mean something to you and without whom you will not get married.


  • Choose the theme and food carefully: Make your wedding extra special by opting for those things that are meaningful for you. Instead of spending huge amount of money on rare flowers and decorations, choose wisely. Select the entrée on the basis of the food that you had the first time you went on a date. Select the flowers that you love. Opt for that song that means something special for both of you. It is your day, make it extra special. Fill each and every moment with things that mean so much to you.


  • Delegate all your work: The main mantra to a successful wedding party is how you delegate the work load amongst everyone. This is important especially if you don’t have a wedding planner to guide you. As you friends and loved ones to volunteer. Many of them will be more than willing to help you out. If you have a brother who is good at graphic designing, ask him to design your wedding card. This way you save some money as well. If some of your friends have private cars, ask them to pick and drop relatives to the airport or the railway station. This way a lot of your work will be taken care of, without you having to worry about everything.


  • Be organized: And finally be organized in whatever you are doing. If you have been collecting nick nacks that you would like to use in your wedding, keep them in a folder so that you can find them when you need. Keep song lists, business cards, receipts in different folders for a quick and easy access.

With all these tricks and tips your D-Day is going to be a smooth affair. Any kind of hiccups will become funny stories in the long run when you will look back to your special day.

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Written by shelby straut

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