Having your wedding party in your own backyard is becoming an increasingly popular choice, as it’s the perfect way to make lasting memories, as well as save a bit of money. If you have space, an at-home wedding reception can be just as special as hiring a venue, and it can also be incredibly convenient. Once you factor in the relaxed atmosphere, easy to find location and freedom you’ll have over the decorations, it seems like a total no-brainer. So whether you’re planning a wedding that’s small and low-key or extra extravagant, having the after-party in your own garden is sure to make it memorable.



Consider Your Vibe

As with any party, a wedding reception can have many different types of vibe, depending on the decor, music, food, colour scheme and entertainment. Before you pick anything, consider the atmosphere that you want your wedding party to have. Will it be rustic, casual, elegant, carnival or something altogether different? This decision will affect all of the other decisions that you make, so it’s important to be confident in your vision of what the reception will be like. You might take inspiration from the surrounding area for this, such as the style of your house or the location you’re in or choose something completely unique.

Once you’re sure what vibe your wedding will have, you can choose decorations, drinks, menus and music that fit with it. If you’re going formal, you might want a wedding tent with matching tables and chairs and a very specific colour theme. If you prefer something more rustic, you might ask your family to lend you mismatched furniture that will give a whimsical feel, and opt for handmade decorations. Every decision you make for your party should complement the vibe you’re going for, so be sure to think about this before you order anything big.

Avoid Overcrowding

While having all of your friends and family at your wedding reception might be very important to you, you need to make sure they will all fit comfortably in your backyard. Having an overcrowded wedding reception can be stressful, so think carefully about how many people you can really fit in your garden. If this means trimming your guest list a little, then so be it. It’s far better to invite fewer people than to invite everyone and realize too late that you don’t really have room. If you really can’t take anyone off your list, it might be time to consider a different outdoor venue, such as a beach or park.

Get Some Power

In order to power outdoor lights and sound systems, it’s a good idea to have an external power source, such as a generator. You can find diesel fuel generators on sale that will meet all of your needs for a wedding reception, allowing you to have as many fairy lights as you like. This is essential if you have a particularly large garden, as you’ll no doubt wish to light up all of it and have speakers placed in different areas. Generators are an easy and reliable way of powering outdoor parties, so you don’t need to worry about a power outage during your special day.

Don’t Go It Alone

Although it can be tempting with at-home weddings to try and do everything yourself, this often leads to more stress than it’s worth. Whether you ask your friends and family to help with the decor, catering, music and clean-up, or hire a wedding coordinator and other professionals to help you, asking for help is always the right choice. When it comes to the big day, you will certainly not regret having other people in charge of the practical details. After all, the most important thing is that you can enjoy yourself, and not have to worry about whether all the canapes are ready.

Plant Ahead

For a backyard wedding party, you need to make sure your garden is in top form. Rather than ordering bunches of flowers that will only last a week or two, you can plant flowers way ahead of time that will be in full bloom for the wedding. Whichever flowers you choose, make sure you check the planting times so they’ll be looking beautiful by the time your wedding comes around. This kind of forward planning will look very impressive to guests, and it can also save you a small fortune in flowers. Once your flowers are ready, you might take a few to use in bouquets and table decorations, which will add a natural, home-grown feel to your reception.


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