Planning a wedding can be a long and complicated process and one of the common concerns to the bride and groom is that no matter how much preparation goes into it, the day can be thrown of course by some unexpected issue arising. For this reason, many people put in place plans that can ensure that the day runs smoothly and that any problems can be dealt with quickly and with minimum fuss. For anyone working through their long list of wedding tasks at the moment, I have a few tips to help settle your nerves and make sure that your special day is carried out without a hitch.

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Firstly, make sure that guests know how to get to the wedding venue by giving out directions with the invitations. Neither the bride nor groom wants to be constantly on the phone to friends and family the morning of the big day trying to give directions, this will be time you need for yourself to get prepared and plus no one wants the stress of worrying whether all the people that said they are attending will actually manage to turn up because half of them are lost. Pick a venue that is relatively easily accessible and tell people well ahead of the actual date to get in contact with you should they be concerned about where they are going. At a wedding I went to recently, the venue was deep in the countryside with lots of narrow lanes running up to it, so the father of the bride decorated the roads with balloons to guide people to the right place – it really helped!

Secondly, hire security at your venue, especially if you are having a large wedding. The last thing you need is anything kicking off and if there is any tensions between the two sides of the family, it is better to have people in place ready to help if you need them. Security guards may be provided by the wedding venue, and this is something you should check when you book, but if not you can hire them for the occasion and trust me, this will simply help to keep everything in order and prevent any arguments should the drinks begin to flow a little more freely in the evening.
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My third tip is one particularly for the bride, take a bag with you, you don’t necessarily have to carry it yourself (that’s what the chief bridesmaid is for), but think about it would you ever go on a night out without one? Well imagine going the whole day. You’ll need things like makeup for touching up, a place to keep jewellery your phone and maybe keys to the hotel? It’s worth carrying these with you so that you can avoid having to run off back to your room every half an hour to pick up some gum or touch up your blusher.

Rain or Shine, this wedding will go on

My final tip is to make arrangements for bad weather, particularly if you are getting married in the UK where it can be sunny one minute and pouring down with rain the next, just take a look at this wedding photo above, the bridal party even put on wellies to cope with the damp conditions! Having an outdoor wedding can be a lovely idea especially in the summer, but having alternative plans indoors just in case will take the heat off the bride and groom and will avoid any last minute stresses. This is something that your venue will more than likely discuss with you but it’s worth mentioning when you book. Make sure that you also have an umbrella for the bride when getting in and out of the car, because you won’t be too happy walking down the aisle with a soggy dress on.

This guest post was contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of Custodian Guards, providing security officers and ensuring plans run smoothly.

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