You read that title right. It is possible to have an (almost) free wedding. But how? What kind of witch craft must be used to achieve such a feat? Look no further: check out this guide to help you:

Apply for a TV Show

First things first: apply for a TV show. There are a few out there; like ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’. These shows will usually give you a lot of money towards your wedding providing they can film the whole thing and put you on the telly for entertainment. Sound good to you? Give it a go! There’s no guarantee you’ll get on the TV, but it’s worth a go to get everything for free.

Visit Charity Shops and Boot Sales

Try to buy most of your decor and clothing from charity shops, boot sales, and second hand sites. Be vigilant and check as many as you can to see what you can find for a bargain price. Refuse to pay full price for anything!

Only Invite Very Important People

When I say very important, I mean very important. I’m talking your mom, your dad, siblings. If you have children, those too. Don’t invite people you haven’t spoken to in years. Don’t feel obliged to invite people just because. This is your wedding, and you shouldn’t have to fork out money for a meal for somebody you probably won’t speak to again. See if you can find some free wedding invitation templates too.

Don’t Give Favours

Favours are big waste of money, so forget them. Guests probably won’t even realise you haven’t had them if you don’t mention it!

Ask for Favours

Instead of giving favours, ask for favours. It’s usually tradition for people to want to buy you gifts for your wedding. You can do one of two things here; either ask for money to put towards the cost of the day, or ask for a favour. Know a decent photographer? Ask them to snap the pictures. Think your uncle Dan can hold a camera steady? Make him the videographer. Ask your nan to make the cake. Get your mom to do the catering. Take advantage of your friend’s and family’s skills! They should be happy to oblige if it saves them a little money and the hassle of buying gifts too.


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Mix and Match

Don’t worry about matching the decor and even the furniture. Mix it all up. You’ll get a unique looking wedding, and save a ton of money. Embrace the weirdness. Tell people it’s an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ wedding. They won’t know any better!

Make Your Own Decor

If you like to get creative, make your own decor. Put some bunting together, make your own guestbook…there are so many things you can do. The world wide web is a great resource at times like this!

Remember the End Goal

Don’t stress out because you haven’t got enough money to have a luxury big day. Remember the end goal; you’re marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. That’s the most important thing! Have fun with your big day and relax.

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