It’s perhaps the biggest and most memorable day of your life, and the day every bride or groom wants to go perfectly. We’re speaking of course about your wedding day. Whilst you can never put a guarantee on things like the weather, there are plenty of things you’ll be able to plan down to the smallest detail to make sure everything on the day adds up to a magic experience.

10. Invitations: OK, so this technically comes before the day itself, but an invitation will often be the first tangible item a guest will see. Designing a good invitation is often left to a professional but stamping a personal touch at this stage usually works out just as well.

9. Cars: The vehicles that whisk you away in style and comfort from ceremony to reception can be as beautiful and timeless as anything else you see on the day. We’re particularly fond of these wedding Cars Fareham.

8. Flowers and decorations: Most brides put a lot of thought into selecting ‘themes’ for their wedding which all ties in with the choice of decor on the day. These small details will definitely be noticed and approved by some of the more eagle-eyed guests.

7. Favours: These are the gifts that guests are obliged to receive for attending. Typically they are small and poignant but there’s plenty of room for creativity and even extravagance in this department if your budget allows it.

6. Drink: It’s no secret that a wedding is often seen as a time for exuberance, and for many that will mean only one thing: alcohol! A well-stocked bar is a must on the day itself, but make sure a range of non-alcoholic alternatives are provided.

5. Vows and speeches: Few of the guests will remember them word-for-word in years to come but there’s still every reason to get them spot-on. Years down the line people will still recall choice words of tenderness at the ceremony and hilarity at the reception.

4. Food: You’d be surprised how memorable the food at the reception often proves to be, with guests of weddings decades ago able to say with accuracy and clarity exactly what it was they savoured that day. Most people stick to the culinary classics but some choose to be braver and design and meal that is guaranteed to cause some debate.

3. Dress: Some brides have been imagining their perfect wedding dress since they were old enough to know what a wedding was. All eyes will be on her dress as she walks down the aisle, but what’s most is important is that the bride herself is happy with her choice and able to enjoy the day as a result.

2. Location: The choice of venue for both ceremony and reception is crucial. Most couples will look for somewhere picturesque for their guests to spend a memorable day, but on the practical side it’s worth remembering that the facilities must be able to cope with the number of people attending.

1. Photography: It’s inevitable that as the years go by memories will start to fade. That’s where photographs and videos come in. Capturing the special moments on the day is a job that requires great skill and perception, which is why it’s always worth paying the prices demanded. After all, what price can you put on memories?

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