Wedding favors have been a must-have in every couple’s wedding celebration. However, guests tend to overlook the importance of wedding favors, and more often than not, some of them tend to throw these gifts away or stash them in the attic or in the dusty corners of the house.

As much as you want to cut your wedding expenses by buying cheap, simple wedding favors, you don’t want your guests to go home with something forgettable. What you want is a wedding favor that is both relevant to your wedding theme and, at the same time, nice enough for your guests to happily display or keep in their homes.

Thankfully, whether you love a rustic or vintage-themed wedding, classic wedding favor never go out of style. Here’s a list of classic wedding favor ideas you can try for your big day.

  1. Personalized Glassware

One of the most reused wedding favors are custom glassware offerings that are personalized for the occasion. From personalized stemless wine glasses to customized champagne flutes, any kind of glassware will surely make a perfect wedding giveaway gift for your guests. Nothing would be more perfect than personalized glassware etched with your names, wedding date, and a special message along with the design of your choice.

2. Sandalwood Fans

How about having those classic sandalwood fans for your vintage-themed wedding? Whether you’re having an indoor or an outdoor wedding, a sandalwood fan will also make a lovely keepsake. You can have it personalized, carved with your names and your wedding date, or have it customized by color to fit your wedding’s motif.

3. Personalized Mason Mugs and Jars

Mason jars and mugs can be filled with different things – from candies to trail mix, to honey or hot cocoa; you name it! There are several videos online where you can get ideas on how to design mason jars yourself, or you can have it personalized in a shop wherein printed on it is both of you and your groom’s name and the date of your wedding in a customized design fit to your liking.

4. Personalized Mini Champagne Bottles

Who wouldn’t want this? Mini champagne bottles are cute take-home gifts for your guests. You can have it personalized and designed to fit your wedding’s motif with a custom wedding champagne label. Your guests will surely love taking home one of these!

5. A ‘mixtape’

How about sending your guests home with a soundtrack of your favorite classical songs? Burn CDs full of your favorite love songs or the songs from your wedding ceremony. You can personalize the CD cover and have it designed with your name and wedding date, including the track listing, or you can even add a special message on it. Clever packaging makes the CD giveaways a very attractive gift to your guests. You can also have it customized in a shop.

6. Succulents in a Personalized Pot

Succulents are a great choice for any wedding, especially if you plant them in little pots designed with personalized tags. You can have the pot personalized, designed with your name and wedding date on it, or you could just add a simple tag to it.


There are a lot of shops that provide services and products such as custom labels and stickers for personalized wedding favors which are perfect for this kind of special occasion. Any of these wedding favors will do a long way in making your special day one that nobody will forget.

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