Although the day of your wedding can be considered one of the most special ones in your entire lifetime, it is safe to deem this day to be the one that will also call for you to pay through your nose to ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and all the glitches are effectively tweaked and perfected. However, not everyone can afford to have a wedding that burns a hole in their pocket. All the same, this does not mean that you have to skip a lavish wedding and have a lifeless one with absolutely no enthusiasm. Simple things like buying dresses at sale and shopping for online diamond jewellery can go a long way. Given below are some excellent tips that will help you organise an opulent wedding at a fraction of the cost.

1.)   Do not plan your wedding for peak seasons:

It goes without saying that a high degree of competition among clients for selecting the right wedding date during the peak times enables the wedding organisers to take advantage of the situation and therefore, as a client, your bargaining power is dismissed considerably and you may have to give in to the organizers’ demands just to ensure that you get the wedding date that you were hoping for. Therefore, to avoid paying exorbitant amounts just for a confirmed wedding date, especially during the peak seasons, it is better that you opt for a wedding date that is nowhere close to the peak times to get a good deal. The months ranging from January to March are perfect for a wedding on a budget.

2.)   Selecting the right location:

When it comes to organising a fancy wedding, you need not look at lavish country clubs or expensive hotels to host your wedding and wedding reception. A simple wedding at the beach or your home’s backyard can lend a vintage touch to your wedding. Besides, it gives a homely feeling without compromising on the snazzy factor. However, if a wedding at the beach is how you visualize your dream wedding to be like, then you may have to incur slight costs for setting up the reception area along with toilet facilities for the guests.

3.)   Saving money when buying your wedding dress and jewellery:

Your wedding dress and the accessories that go with it uses up a majority of your savings. Instead of paying through your nose for these wedding essentials, you can shop for your wedding dress and accessories during well known sample sales held on an annual basis. You can get incredible deals and the overall costs can be reduced by nearly 70 %. Besides, it is a good idea to shop for online diamond jewellery as they tend to have several offers for the online community.

4.)   Arranging the reception:

If a proper sit-down formal meal is what you wish to give your guests, you must consider hosting an afternoon wedding that serves brunch or late lunch. A dinner reception is more expensive when compared to lunch. Besides, you can also reduce the formality of the occasion by organising a potluck party. This can be considered when only close members of the family have been invited for the wedding.

5.)   The wedding cake:

The wedding cake is a very important part of any wedding. However, it can cost you an arm and a leg if you wish to order a fancy cake with several tiers. If you are facing serious budget issues, you can spend for a simple one tier cake and use DIY ideas to decorate it. For instance, you can decorate the cake with real edible flowers instead of gum paste ones. These colourful flowers will instantly elevate the appearance of the cake.

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Tulip Goldwyn is a wedding planner and boasts of a client list ranging from the elite to the middle class. She loves the idea of planning someone’s special day irrespective of their budget. She encourages buying online diamond jewellery and clothes at sales.

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