It seems that love is in the air and the season of those unforgettable weddings is around the corner. While you might be planning all those nitty-gritty details about your wedding, did you think about the venue where you will get married? Nowadays, the idea of booking a hotel in the same place where you live has become an old one and hence people are now more interested in destination weddings. How about getting married in a nation of honey and milk – Israel? The venues of Israel are as diverse and various as its demographics and they can range from religious settings to modern revolutionary places. If you’re eager to know about some wedding venues located in Israel, here are some that you may consider.


  1. Beit Shmuel (Shimshon Center): This venue is called the Mercaz Shimshon and is situated in the heart of Jerusalem and is just a few minutes away from the Western Wall. If you wish to get a rooftop sensation, you can opt for this venue which was opened in the year 2001 as a continuation of Beit Shmuel. Wondering about the number of guests this venue can hold? Well, the hall can hold up to 480 guests and the rooms extend into a terrace which leads to the Old city and David’s Citadel. You can even rent Sefer Tohran by paying an additional price. If you can plan your wedding in this Jerusalem venue, you can leave your guests stunned.
  2. Riverside: As against Beit Shmuel, Riverside is more of an urban venue which gives you a perfect combination of modern style along with nature. This venue provides you with a little island amongst the hustle and bustle of a place called Tel Aviv. The place is situated nearby the river and Ha Yarkon Park. The romantic space provides a large seating area which can hold up to 250 guests. The USP of this specific venue is its gourmet catering service named Maasiya which has the capability of pleasing even some of the most sophisticated guests.
  3. King David Hotel: This is a heritage hotel built in 1920s and is said to be one of the oldest hotels in Israel. King David Hotel also played a vital role in making the history of Israel since the foundation of this nation to the present moment. It is situated at a walking distance from Kotel and is a very common choice among the nationally and internationally well-known politicians and celebrities. You can fix your wedding in one of the outdoor terraces which overlooks the Old City.
  4. Uno: For all those who consider themselves as modern, they can consider Uno if they can bear the bill. You can cherish your wedding throughout your life if you base it on the 10th floor of the Round Tower. The breathtaking view is something to enjoy.

So, if you’re interested in getting married in Israel, you can choose any of the above listed venues as they can indeed be a successful choice.

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